A Must-Read!

A Must-Read!


At my
less-busy and most-relaxed moods, I find my mind wandering about life ordeals
and opportunities, good or bad, which present themselves. Sometimes, we find
ourselves in tight corners, while at other times, we enjoy the favourable
conditions we find ourselves in, whether caused directly by us, our
environment, beliefs, prevailing authorities or associates. But, we can spring
up to our feet and shape our lives, make the best out of it and get our desired
expectations, paying less or no attention to mere side talks. Suffice it to say
that this is in conjunction with the saying: “As you make your bed, so you lie
on it.” Victory does not come from who you are, but who you choose to be. When
it comes to painful ordeals in life, the female gender can never be left out.
Infact, they are the primary target!

Casting my
thoughts on and trying to imagine the experiences of women in the hands of
their lovers and life partners, prompts tears to roll down my cheeks. It is
alarming and quite pitiful. Most often than not, these women are nailed to
their “offices at home”
by this same set of people who profess love to them at
all cost. Women suffer much in the hands of most men, who do not know their
worth. Family life is not an easy, but tasking one, generally, but we can
undoubtedly agree to the fact that maltreatments, assaults, battering,
infidelity, belittling, heartbreaks and incompetence were never part of the
deal and contract. It was never said that they would be tolerated on that long-awaited
fateful day in front of the altar. So, what’s actually the problem now? How and
why did all these developments stir up? It would interest you to know that
60-65% of married women in our present generation have become the sole bread
winners of their various families. It is not actually a problem if it is an
agreement reached by both parties.
Where it
poses a fearful threat is when the woman works tirelessly, feeds, shelters,
clothes, caters for each and every need of the family, experiences usual birth
pangs, sees to the moral upbringing of her children regardless of her busy
schedule, puts in place all the housechores and all the cookings there has to
be done with the few minutes left to her, is subdued to bed forcefully, is
questioned and commanded about, and guess what, dies in silence. Not even a
single iota of appreciation after all the selflessness! What are men of such
families now left with to do? Are you still asking as if you don’t know? Wow,
they have been relieved of virtually ALL
their responsibilities. In a way, God has buttered their “LAZY bread”. They are seen gallivanting
around and reaping where they did not sow. Is it fair? Is it human? I am sure
you would feel like strangling any man that does that to your own blood sister,
then, why make a woman- your woman, pass through that same fire? It depicts
love, right? For all those involved; reading, understanding and meditating on
1Tim 5:8 are necessary. Do not stop at that. Its application crowns it all.
ladies, girls and women, listen to this: We have our self-respect, dignity,
prestige and pride. In as much as you will respectfully remain under the
headship of your husband, do not trade these for anything. That man, who thinks
you are not worth it, does not deserve your precious tears, your frail heart
and constant groan. Your happiness lies in no other’s hands, but your hands and
so, choose to make yourself happy against all odds. Remember: You must reach your destination, your destiny. If not, it
is either he dumps you or marries another within a space of 6 months after you
die suffering and hustling for him. Take the bull by its horns in standing up
for your right. 
Women are not honored and appreciated for who they are. When a
female baby is born into the family, the immediate and extended families yell
and bark for a male offspring. Most times, female children are not given the
needed attention in the family and are denied the opportunity of furthering
their education since it is generally believed that “their own education ends in the kitchen”. On the contrary, hear
this: “Women are great and beneficial assets today”. Take a tour on the
corridors of power and accomplishments and come in contact with women of
dignity like: Mrs. Caroline Onuoha, Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Dr. Mrs. DoraAkunyili, Mrs. Zovannah Onumah, Senator Joy Emodi, Mrs. Margaret Ekpo, Mrs.Obiageli Ezekwesili, Miss Genevieve Nnaji, Senator Grace Folashade Bent, Mrs. Onyeka Onwenu, Mrs. Josephine Anini, Omawumi Megbele, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and numerous others.
They have
made and sustained positive indelible marks in history and who said you cannot?
Know what you want and go for it. Speak up, be empowered, be triggered into
action, be liberated, be free! Do not be intimidated. Do not follow your heart,
but use your head. So, where is the
woman’s place?
 You should sincerely answer for yourself.
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