I had
something in mind. It was not very clear to me yet. It went on for a few days.
It was like a burden in my heart until I let it out. My mind always reminded me
constantly that I had to think out something very important I wanted to share
with my lovely readers. You might not really grasp this “whole drama”- as you
may term it. But, I tell you, it often happens to writers. At last, this is
what I came up with: A wonderful (the judgement should be yours) hearty piece.
Human beings
we are. Actions we take everyday. Unfortunately, we seldom realize that those
actions, as small as some might be, can make or mar us. Now, take a closer look
at the following well thought-out points and sincerely tell me what you think:

1.     Make sure to look left, right and
left again before you cross a road.

2.     Do not inhale the fume produced by a
generator set.

3.     It is not advisable to always have
listening aid (ear piece) in your ears.

4.     Do not drink alcoholic beverages
before driving.

5.     Be mindful of your speedy flights up
and down the staircase.

6.     While driving, assume your family is
in the other vehicle and drive responsibly.

7.     Avoid self-medication.

8.     Never answer even a 5-seconds call
while driving.

9.     Keep your eyes at a distance while
putting out fire in your cooking and lighting equipment.

10.  Make sure your fingers are out before jamming the
doors of the car and house.

11.   Be sure not to spray fragrances and perfumes
near naked light or into your eyes.

12.   Keep away your stored fuel from any source of

13.  For the ladies, make sure your handbag is
zipped and held tight to avoid being stranded.

14.  Wind up the glasses of your car when it is

15.   Do not eat sugary items immediately before
going to bed.

16.   Do not lie down immediately after taking your

17.   Avoid throwing stones.

18.   Make sure your keys are handy before you lock
your door. You may lock yourself out.

19.    Do not forget that your food is on fire and
allow it to burn and almost burn down the house.

20.   While pouring hot water from a kettle or
flask, do that gently so it does not splash.

21.    Make sure you are with your purse as you leave
the house to avoid embarrassment.

22.    As you are driving in or out of the house,
make sure your children are not around the car, perhaps hiding and following at
the rear of the car.

23.   Be mindful of your water boilers. They can be

24.   Do not place your hot or plugged pressing iron
on your clothe for too long. Your clothe might wear a bad look.

25.   Make sure to mop splashed water on the floor.
You might be the one to strip and fall.

26.    Make sure there is a seat behind you before
you sit. Do not assume. If possible, hold it while sitting.

27.   Keep away sharp objects like: scissors,
blades, nails, pins, even medicine from children.

28.   Make sure to lay your baby well to avoid a

29.   If
you cannot swim, please do not swim for mere fun or show-off, unless an
experienced person is there to teach and guide you.

30.  Do not fix very long artificial nails to avoid
injury (for the ladies).

31.    Avoid fighting.

32.    Always have your car papers complete and
accurate before hitting the road.

33.    Be sure to have your invite handy before going
for a function to avoid being bounced.

34.    Be mindful of your friends. They might be the
ones stabbing you at the back.

35.    Do not be a voracious spender.

36.    Teach your kids not to collect things from

37.     Let there be a clear demarcation between your
personal/family life and your work/career.

38.    Do not touch any electrical appliance (whether
plugged or not) with wet hands.

39.    Make sure to close the car door firmly before
the car takes off.

40.    Be sure your car is in good condition before
you start driving (e.g.: water in the radiator, functioning screen wiper, side
mirrors, spare tyre in the trunk with necessary jacking equipment, rear mirror,
seat belt, headlights, transfigator lights…).

41.   Always be good and stay healthy.

42.   Be Original! 
Be You!  Be Responsible!

43.   Pray fervently.

Do you appreciate this piece? Was it thorough? Is it going to
help you in anyway? Encourage me to do more. Your comments can be motivational.
Your suggestions, advice, tips, questions and corrections are quite called for
and appreciated.
Now, we have 43 points already. Let’s round it up to a whole
number. Let’s make it 50 or even more. Post your well thought-out points and
let’s discuss them. The first 5 relevant points will win prizes!
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5 thoughts on “THIS ONE IS LIFE-SAVING.

  1. Thanks Clovis. Points 2, 3 & 4 are taken. You got 3 slots out of the 5 prizes! Congratulations!!! To my dear readers and blog visitors, 2 lucky slots still waiting to be grabbed, what are you waiting for???

  2. 1.If you want to avoid waking up to pimples, you NEED to remove your makeup each night before bed.

    2.Reasons to Give up Soda: – Messes with skin -Rotting teeth – Weight gain/ belly fat – Diabetes/heart disease – Impaired brain function

    3.Health Benefits of Chocolate: Lowers heart
    disease risk. Reduces food cravings. Protects skin against sun damage. Improves vision.

    4.Eat an orange before working out. Not only does it keep you hydrated, but it also prevents your muscles from getting sore.

    5. Women who get their hair/nails done on a daily basis are happier and live longer. Pampering yourself is good for your health.

    Hopes the tips are valuable to those who don't know about them

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