Look What She’s Done.

Look What She’s Done.

equality has been a major bone of contention in the family, the community, the
nation and surprisingly, even on a global scale. The men and women genders
struggle to be on equal grounds in areas of politics, family headship,
affluence, name, entrepreneurship, entertainment and other facets of human
living. Interestingly, there are so many proofs attesting to the fact that
people, regardless of social and cultural differences, are working and coming
up with innovative ideas to their credit. Today, we not only have male
artistes, engineers, information technologists, comedians, actors, doctors,
pilots, barristers, human rights activists, entrepreneurs, politicians; we also
have the females who are competing and performing creditably well in these
areas. A visible battle between these two genders is not far-fetched. On the
other hand, it is high time we started looking into the genders one at a time
to know the hidden truths that are obtainable. To our greatest surprise, the
treatments meted out amongst members of the same gender by people they call
their own, are most times, more dangerous. The women folk treat themselves as
sworn enemies. They do not necessarily have to talk about the grudge and
animosity they bear against their fellow women. Their inhuman actions towards
them say it all.
this rampant scenario: Two beautiful young ladies, who work in the same office
as employees, keep malice, compete unnecessarily, hardly talk to themselves,
show off the content of their wardrobes in an envious way and even get to the
point of spreading harmful gossips about themselves. One will be wondering
whether it is a husband, a land, a priceless possession/jewel or something of
great importance that the two ladies are fighting for with all their vigour and
strength. Ladies fighting for the heart and love of the same man, can go extra
miles of sending thugs to their supposed opponent, poisoning them, visiting a
witch doctor to inflict them and even disfiguring their competitor by pouring
acid on her. These are few of the wicked actions taken by women against fellow
women to achieve their selfish aims. This has no limits or bounds, as it is
also witnessed in the family. Mothers who are meant to be perfect role models
in all ramifications, especially to their young daughters, fail in this
God-given responsibility. Meanwhile, they force their daughters to marry
because of wealth and other possessions, not even minding about their
happiness, state of mind and challenges they are bound to face in such homes.
Yet others give specific instructions to their daughters, as to what happens in
their various homes. They run their daughters’ homes and subject these young
girls, who are barely starting their marriage life, to their fear.
It is sad to
say that some mothers predict what course their daughters study in school, not
caring about their passion and strengths or putting them into consideration.
They dictate wherever they go, the number of hours they can spend outside, who
to keep and not to keep as friends and what they generally do with their lives
and surprisingly, when you look at the “robot”
girls, you realize that they are mature enough to make decisions for themselves
and bear whatever subsequent consequences as adults. What is it exactly among
women? What do they have against themselves? What are they fighting for in
particular? Polygamous families have a taste of this experience as well. When a
man brings two or more women in the same house, either as wives or concubines,
the result can be predicted in most cases. They fight for the man’s attention,
love, care, wealth, approval and the list goes on. In their quest to achieve
this, they can go extra unexpected mischievous/deadly lengths. They protect
their own children while planning against their co-wife’s children. They can
even use traditional means to prevent their colleagues’ children from getting
married, and even if they mistakenly do, they wouldn’t escape not bearing
children. Jokingly, the fight gets hotter and deadlier. They might even swear
to be enemies for life.
Even amidst
all the accumulated wealth, name, possessions and respect, royal mothers and
queens give their maidens/slave girls ill treatments and even kill any who
poses a threat. They are not happy with any slave girl whose beauty surpasses
that of the princess and who might attract the princess’ suitor and so, try
everything to keep her out of the way permanently even if it involves
bloodshed. Princesses also exert their little power by giving orders to have
their fellow girls punished and beaten up without any justifiable reason. I
call it cowardice, wickedness and misuse of power. Most married women today
have house helps who take care of their houses. How do they treat them? You
might want to give a little attention to that, if you have not already. Most
times, they are treated as if they are not human beings. They provide
everything for and pet their own children while they beat, scold, barely feed
and clothe these girls who serve them tirelessly for the better part of their
lives. They are easily recognized outside as maids because of the haphazard way
they look. God sees everything, even our hidden actions and also searches the
heart. The conscience is a wonderful priceless gift God has given each and
everyone of us. It is left for us to keep it alive and allow it guard our
actions. We need to think twice before taking actions, taking and seeing others
as ourselves. Let’s always remember the golden rule and put it in action. No
one knows tomorrow. Being inhuman and wicked do not pay!
Appreciate the writer(onuohaprecious1@gmail.com):
Ain’t she rather small to have written this?
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