White versus Coloured

White versus Coloured

There’s this one thing I never forget to take with me once I dress up to go out, not minding whether where I’m going is far or near, whether a corporate function or a casual outing. That is my HANDKERCHIEF (permit me to add ‘white’ as an adjective). For me, it is better I forget my phones than to forget my handkerchief. If I do on a weird day, I realize it immediately I leave the house, say 3 minutes after I leave. If I can go back, I’ll go get one from my piles, else, I look out for a nearby shop to buy a brocade handkerchief. Yes, that’s me! They serve me a lot.They shield me from dust particles, smoke, bad air. They hide my coughs and sneezes and wipe sweat off my face, keeping it dry and fresh all day long. My friends can tell you it’s true.
On a second thought, why don’t I go for coloured handkerchiefs? I can’t really tell anyway. I am so comfortable with the whites.
Chats with friends and acquaintances have made me realize that some people dread whites perhaps because they can’t deal with its maintenance as they discolour easily when they come in contact with dirt and dust. Others simply go for the coloured ones because they love colours and have the chance to choose from a variety of them: green, brown, blue, red…Some still go for whites, not because they can maintain them but because they feel whites have ‘efizzi’.
I refuse to admit that some who go for the coloured do so because they always want a colour match for their outfits at any point in time. I mean, we have so many characters and who says you don’t have your life to live? Yet others don’t use handkerchiefs at all, maybe to them, it’s weird using them or they have no use for them.
What do you think? Which do you prefer- whites, coloured or none at all? Give your reasons if possible (medical, social, funny,…). Let’s share our thoughts together, friends. Common, don’t be shy, we can learn a lot from this. Let’s get this started and rolling!

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2 thoughts on “White versus Coloured

  1. Oge,you're right. U're my partner in this one. Yea!I've got a WHITE partner. Coloured handkerchief users, please don't be shy to comment; who knows, you might come up with an unimaginable surprising & convincing reason as to why you do…Keep them coming.

  2. One of my aunts is of the opinion that anyone who uses coloured handkerchiefs is indirectly hiding his/her dirty hygiene. That is to say the person can't maintain a white handkerchief since no one knows when your coloured one is clean or dirty.lolz. I use a white handkerchief and apart from mobile phones, its an ever present item that goes out with me everyday. Though, I don't use the white ones because I'm of the same opinion with my aunt but its my choice. Also, i've come to see reasons with her. She seems right.lol

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