Which will you go for? The Preferrable or the Best?

Which will you go for? The Preferrable or the Best?

It’s more like a day-to-day activity we engage in consciously or unconsciously. Amidst our busy schedule at work, at meetings, en route, at conferences, at summits, at shows, at home, at weddings and burials and all kinds of ceremonies at large, we constantly refresh and quench our thirst. What do we use to achieve that?
Research has shown that a greater percentage of people go for juices in packs rather than for fresh natural fruits. Some interviews we conducted prior to this post also confirms that. Do you fall into that category?
In all, we have to be conscious of whatever we take into our body. This goes a long way to determine our life span as well as the level of strength and ability we have to complete our daily tasks. It also reflects on the nature of our skin. Mhmmmm, a food for thought!








From the pictures above, choose 1 from each set: A versus B; C versus D; E versus F; G versus H.
You might want to consider the “costs”, flavors, additives, preservatives, chemicals and perhaps how truly natural they are; not paying attention to the labels, e.g: 100% fruit juice. This is one link you would be grateful to follow and read its content. Please, do not ignore:
Have a healthy and safe eating habit!

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2 thoughts on “Which will you go for? The Preferrable or the Best?

  1. That's quite true Oge, but we need to make sure that what we eat is healthy enough rather than getting "colours and flavours" @ the snap of our fingers. We forget though that the naturals are easily accessible and even cheaper… They'll keep coming for sure, Oge. Thanks dear! Quite appreciated and noted.

  2. Well…the naturals are healthier for sure, but we live in a "microwave" world where we want everything @ the snap of the finger; so the ones in packs comes quite handy. Personally, i'm not a fan of juices. Healthy write up. Keep 'em coming.

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