My Life.

My Life.

I have to admit it has not been easy at all. Yes, I mean life itself is not a bed of roses, for a young creative girl (daddy’s and mummy’s girl) who has always wanted to make it in life, stand out of the crowd in many special ways on her own without any help (I don’t mean financial but intellectual).
She was still like blood and water in her early formative months in the belly. She started feeding gradually, nourishing and increasing in size into a foetus. Her time was almost due and she decided to see the light of her environment in the 8th month- a risky period and faster than her mates.
It turned out to be successful though risky, tasking and breath-taking. It was a thin line between life and death. Nobody thought she could survive, not even close family friends and nurses, even visiting doctors. At last, God saved her even amidst the worst of conditions. Then it was rejoicing time, party time, celebration all the way! She was named “Chinwendu” meaning “God owns life” (for my non-Igbo pals). Really, it was a miracle!
She was pampered to life the first few months of her existence on earth and suffered no ailment which was rampant among fellow babies. From being a baby to being a toddler, she started counting her 123’s and saying her rhymes and poems.She was a pretty damsel,a little princess indeed! People mistook her for a white. She was very intelligent and loved by all. Folks desired to have her as their own daughter. At age 3+, off to school she went, not because she needed it but because the world around her imbibed it as a culture and was doing it. It was necessary anyway.
She read 5 out of the 6 standard years of the Nigerian primary education because she performed excellently well in all her exams. Trust me, it was a stressful educational walk for a whole 14 years ranging from her nursery, primary and secondary education. As articulated as she is, she knew what she wanted early in life and never made a fuss about it. She gained admission into the university the same year she left high school. Today, she is an engineer, a published writer, an editor, a blogger, an entrepreneur, a radio presenter, a TV presenter (in view).
It was not easy. It was all about thinking outside the box, going back to her drawing board once she sensed or made mistakes in order to be a better achiever. She is not resting on her laurels but forging ahead. This girl is not an island neither is she an introvert. In the course of her exposure, involvements and accomplishments, she has met and kept useful friends- a host of them. She loves travelling, making friends, preparing sumptuous (you’ll tell me after a taste) meals as well as nature and French Language.
Her life just like many others, has been full of ups and downs, happy and sad moments, satisfaction and worries, laughter and cries, tasking and pressurizing times such as near-deadlines and busy moments, wants and needs (no one has it all), mistakes and rights, the good, the bad and the ugly. She is not a perfect being but a positively-minded individual who promises to be better and believes in a brighter future. Here she is still waxing strong because of God’s numerous mercies and blessings upon her life, for which she is ever grateful. She loves her family so much that she can give up anything for its happiness and unity. She is giving a shout-out to all her friends and blog visitors. She still remembers her morals and has vowed to keep her star shinning! Here she is:

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