Asides peace, security, good governance, abundance of food and technical expertise,
stable economy is yet another characterizing factor or yardstick used to
measure the quality and quantity of a nation’s development. There must be a
healthy relationship between production, trade and the supply of money in a
particular country or region in order for its economy to thrive, be viable and
sustainable. For this great milestone to be achieved, there must be forgone
calls to mind the taking of bold innovative steps and imbibing of
entrepreneurial skills and qualities (perseverance, creativity, boldness,
positive-mindedness, enthusiasm, driving force, goal-orientation, focus,
hardwork, commitment…),
which will aid the smooth-running and growth of any
business or economy even though financial risks are involved. On a much grander
scale like that of a nation’s economy and development, an all-encompassing
effective tool must be employed for an optimal result to be obtained.
Our world
and almost everything around us is engulfed in engineering and its practices.
It has gradually taken over our environment ranging from the design, building
and control of engines, machines, roads, bridges, electrical equipment,
polymers and the list goes on. Incorporating entrepreneurship in the
application of scientific knowledge is a nip-in-the-bud seamless implementation
of young incubated ideas and enhances national development to the core.
Engineering projects aid life, making it easier and more technological. This
has proven to be true by practice. Granted, there are bound to be risks and
financial losses, but then, the advantages of these activities are more
pronounced when compared to their disadvantages. Afterall, life itself is a
risk and no process at all is 100% perfect in all ramifications. Engineering
entrepreneurship opens the door to a whole lot of useful opportunities. Come to
think of it: through engineering, we can ride comfortably in and maintain our
automobiles and aircraft; make use of industrial machines which speed up
production processes; build and maintain roads that we ply on; construct
bridges for our daily usage; produce chemicals for our scientific study,
practicals and research works in our laboratories; make polymeric and
metallurgical products ranging from tyres, foams, paints, plastics, coatings
and casings, alloys with improved qualities; as well as produce electrical
equipment for our use and satisfaction. All these engineering feats put
together are projects which engineers actively engage in, as they work tirelessly
round the clock. Thus, these projects when they mature successfully, increase
the nation’s economy, attract tourists, bring about national development,
receive awards, recognition and contracts locally and internationally and most
importantly, get the active population of the nation in question gainfully
In reality,
it is best to teach a person how to fish rather than provide for the
individual. In the same vein, engineers and engineering-related professionals
have themselves confessed about the work they do, stating clearly that although
the work is tedious and demanding, it is also fulfilling because while putting
creativity and flexibility to full use, they love their work, live their lives,
work with great people, have wonderful on-the-job experiences, travel far and
wide, do not get bored, solve problems, design things that matter, feel and
become relevant in their society, make fat salaries, make a difference and of
course, change the world! Who can beat that? Anyday, anytime, anywhere, we are
proud of our work- our profession, of who we are- pace setters, nation builders,
and world changers! Engineering entrepreneurship is truly worthwhile.





Pictures of some Engineering Projects & Designs
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2 thoughts on “We Are ENGINEERS!

  1. Yeah for real, it pays to be an Engineer! As you rightly pointed out, life itself is a risk. The goodnews is that, as engineers, we take "Calculated risks" geared towards a better life, even as we redesign the world.
    I am Proud to be an Engineer!

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