Youth and World Peace.

Youth and World Peace.

In times past, a youth
is confined and dedicated to farmwork on his father’s land. He is bent on
protecting all his parents’ landed properties and making sure no gold digger
dubiously takes possession of any. He is just satisfied with and leaps at mere
exhortations like: “the richest farmer”, “the bravest hunter”, “the powerful
herbalist”, “the strongest wrestler”, “the famous fish farmer”, “the best palm
wine tapper”, “the wisest trader”, “the renowned flautist” and the list goes
on. On the contrary, in present times, there has been a complete switch in the
choice of career. We now hear of young CEOs, entrepreneurs, social activists,
country ambassadors, writers and experts in various professions.

Fortunately, in this
our 21st century,
majority of the active population are the youths.
Besides, they are the future leaders of tomorrow and must have the right
perception about life and leadership. They must imbibe the right attitude towards
achieving success and not believing that they have to cut corners in order to
succeed. Right-minded people are satisfactorily happy in their doing good,
individuals around them get happy infectiously, the environment is saved and
showers of God’s blessings are seen and felt.
Bad leadership and
corruption, mediocrity, eye service, embezzlement of public fund, incompetency,
laissez-faire attitude, insecurity, crime and war- direct uprooters of peace,
must flee. Until this is done will justice, equity, good governance, good
management of fund, hardwork, commitment, love, success, togetherness and most
of all world peace, thrive.
The young and active
population of our day- the youths, have a major role to play in making this
dream a reality. We live in a world where there is freedom of speech and
besides, the world has gone digital. Fully 95% of youths have access to the
internet and is thus vibrant on social media. In order to promote world peace,
just one youth can go in search of like-minded youths in his nearest community,
make peaceful deliberations and come up with realistic strategic plans and
goals, that when implemented, will ensure that their environment is a peaceful
and secure place to inhabit. Small groups of this sort in various communities
can be started small but its positive impact felt on a much larger scale, even
attracting a national or international audience. With all their strength,
youthful vigour, acquired knowledge, wisdom and intellectual quotient geared
towards initiating/reviving peace both on a local and worldwide scale, their
tireless efforts will definitely be crowned with success by God- the initiator and
lover of peace. More so, youths can reach a wider audience through good use of
the social media platform- having online presence, forming online groups,
engaging in useful discussions and deliberations/chats and coming up with
workable resolutions.
It is really worthwhile
to be associated with anything good. “Anything worth doing is worth doing
well”. It gives one a sense of responsibility and a good measure of inner
satisfaction. I would wholeheartedly love to be part of this re-vamp. Yes, show
us where to stand and we will rule the world! What about you?
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