We Are Equals

We Are Equals

The true meaning of the words “Everything that goes around, comes around” never occurred to me until recently. I decided to talk about this because it’s an intrinsic part of our daily lifestyle and most individuals are guilty of the bad sides, while yet others feign ignorance or are too busy/in a hurry to even notice. Well, whichever might be the case when applied to “YOU” personally, have it in mind that it affects everyone. Therefore, this particular write-up is an eye opener for all, no matter the age, gender, religion, social, economic or educational status, tribe, achievements or personality.

Definitely, we come across fellow humans everyday of our lives. We could have contacts with them at work, school, market, shopping mall, cinemas, salon, bank, place of worship, mechanic workshop, gathering/party/function, hostels, bus and petrol stations, hotels, in a public vehicle, on the road or even in the house, …name them. Knowingly or unknowingly to us, we leave in them a positive mark or an indelible stigma even in the fewest of seconds of contact with them. A seamless friendly and warm smile, handshake or pat on the back, is capable of reinvigorating and encouraging a depressed soul next to you. These acts, as simple and negligible as they seem, can reduce high blood pressure as well as increase one’s life span. In recent times, it seems as if words such as: “Please, Thank You, I am Sorry, Well Done, Keep It Up”, have gone into extinction.

Naturally, everyone would want to feel special, be appreciated/commended and not to be made jest of or made to feel inferior. Afterall, God created us all equal. No matter one’s wealth, fame, position and achievements, we are equal in God’s sight. Nevertheless, no individual can be an island on his own. At one point or the other, we need one another’s help regardless of how little the help is. Suffice it to say that the poor needs the rich and vice versa. No one knows who their helper tomorrow will be or where the helper will be coming from. Therefore, the worst thing to do is to unfairly and proudly step on toes and years later in life, get to realize that in the hands of that ONE PERSON lies your help. It’s better “not to spite those who we meet on our way going up”. That same begging pauper today can grow to be very rich and influential tomorrow. “Change is constant”. So I say: “Help as many people as possible either morally, physically or financially everyday”.

Instead of treating people harshly and making them feel like they have infectious spores all over them, pause for a minute and think of a unique attribute which the individual possesses. I believe each person is unique. Commend someone today! Perhaps the person’s outfit, nails, cologne, pair of shoes, bag, accessories, white teeth, comportment, accent, …anything, there must be something! Life is too short to waste our energy and time on backbiting and jealousy. We would rather divert them to useful purpose. Find your passion, work towards making it a reality, connect with mentors and like minds, research, read, be informed, transform yourself and your mind, start small, give it time, keep developing yourself and your passion, come out in grand style and trust me, in a short while, you will be celebrated. Truthfully, that’s what we need: a global connection and team of sound-minded problem solvers and professionals from different walks of life rubbing minds to see their vision come true.

Finally, I say “Be Good to All”.


If you’re for, say “AYE”

If you’re against, say “NAY”


I believe the AYEs have it!!!

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4 thoughts on “We Are Equals

  1. I think that you have outlined some basic home training traits which is sadly being eroded in modern times. The task remains with all of us to ensure that these positive and impactful traits are not forgotten. This includes providing assistance for truth be told, we all need help in one way or the other. Thank you for this as always.

  2. This is a nice write up. Keep the good work going Precious. Most people today see themselves as superior and as a result, look down on others who do not fall into their social class.

    1. That’s true Bill, it happens often. But in any case, there’s no need to look down on people no matter our class. Change is constant and tomorrow is unknown…
      Thanks for sharing your thought, it’s deeply appreciated.

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