The First Nigerian Youth Parliament’s Press Dinner and Lecture

The First Nigerian Youth Parliament’s Press Dinner and Lecture

As part of its efforts to function as the Apex Youth Legislative body in Nigeria, act as an authentic, true and resounding voice of the Youth, dispassionately and objectively debate topical issues of national interest, as well as build human capacities by educating and enlightening the Parliamentarians and the general youth populace, the Nigerian Youth Parliament (NYP) convened the first press dinner and lecture with theme: “The Role of Social Media on Good Governance in Nigeria.”

The event which held on Saturday, the 21st day of January, 2017 at Barcelona Hotel, Wuse II, Abuja, under the auspices of Distinguished Senator (Dr.) Bukola Saraki, CON, the President of the Senate and Chairman of the National Assembly, was hosted by Rt. Hon. Ayodele John Obe, the Speaker of the Nigerian Youth Parliament (NYP). Barr. Solomon Dalung, the Minister of Youth and Sports Development was the chief host, while Alhaji Sani Omolori, the Clerk of the National Assembly was the Chairman and Alhaji Abdulrasaq Salau, the Acting Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development acted as the Co-Chairman.

The press dinner and lecture which kicked off at about 5pm saw Senator Dino Melaye who ably represented the President of the Senate, addressing the Nigerian Youth Parliament, special guests, press men and every other person in attendance. In his speech, he pointed out that the President of the Senate was 100% in support of the press dinner. He gave striking examples of Shakespeare and Isaac Newton who at the young age of 23, authored a book which changed the world and created a globally recognized invention at age 27, respectively. He went ahead to charge the youths to put their youthful age, capacity and energy to great use in impacting positively on our great nation. Additionally, he reiterated the challenge being faced by older leaders and statesmen in positioning the Nigerian youths to take up the mantle of leadership in the country.


Senator Dino Melaye 

In his own words, Senator Dino Melaye said: “You must picture a future you want to feature in. In an unjust society, silence is a crime.” The Senator explained that youths must dream what they would like to become and plan well, shunning drugs and vices. This he called Capacity. In the course of his address, he clearly stated that leaders are all answerable to the citizenry because they are servants, thus, youths being the next generation of leaders must gainfully engage elders to work, develop themselves, frequently organize programs and events like this one, show concern about how they are being governed instead of being contracted as thugs. He summed up by saying that Commitment, Capacity, God and Resilience are essential for success in life.

Rt. Hon. Ayodele John Obe gave his opening remarks and speech subsequently, introducing the Parliament and presenting its work plan for the year 2017. Miss Cynthia Anele, the CEO and Blogger at, a well vast social media strategist delivered a talk titled: “The Role of Social Media on Good Governance in Nigeria.” Her speech was based on a thorough research on the Social Media, its history, emergence, relevance, capacity, examples and accomplishments thus far. She also highlighted what Governance meant, differentiating between good and bad governance. The blogger listed some results and facets of bad governance to be: Corruption, Unemployment, Bad Infrastructure and Recession. In the same vein, she named Responsiveness, Equity, Accountability, Vision, Transparency and Responsibility as facets of Good Governance. In her words, “Social Media is a major tool for Participatory Governance. Both the Government and the Governed must understand their Responsibilities”. Conclusively, Miss Anele charged: “Social Media to me, is a lasting solution. Let us embrace it”.

Miss Cynthia Anele delivering her speech

Mrs. Nma Nzeribe Michael, representative of the Chief of Army Staff, Imo State Government, during her concise address, assured the NYP of the unflinching support of Imo State Government. Other dignitaries at the Press Dinner and Lecture were: Mr. Jonathan ably representing the Minister of Youth and Sports Development; Hon. Commissioner of Sports, Imo State; Ambassador Sarah Jibrin; Oba Ogunlade Aladetoyinbo Aladelusi, Traditional Ruler/Head of Akure, Ondo State; Incumbent Speaker of Akwa Ibom State House of Representatives/Pioneer Speaker of NYP; Traditional Rulers of Ugbo Land; Publisher, Yoruba Heritage Magazine; Miss Jenny Chisom of, Miss Mercy Ebute of and of course, my humble self, amongst others.

Special Guests at the Red Carpet of the NYP Press Dinner

The event came to a climax with wining and dining, serving of colorful appetizing varieties of dishes with inviting aroma filling the air, networking and a merry parting dance.

It was indeed an evening!

Youths, let’s bare our minds. Was it an event you think you missed? Was it worth it? Was anything missing? How can we forge ahead? Drop your thoughts in the Comment box below.

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10 thoughts on “The First Nigerian Youth Parliament’s Press Dinner and Lecture

  1. It’s a welcome development. It’s high time youths began to contribute towards national development. Together we make our society a better place.

  2. A good step towards the youth coming together for a change, and also a wake up call for the youths from the Senator. It will also be a welcome development if the National Assembly will pass a bill that will see to the compulsory education and training of our youths in leadership skills and knowledge to be effected from the post-primary schools to the University level and beyond. Senator Melaye should help concerning that.Truth be told, only a handful of Nigerian University trained graduates have leadership skills and knowledge. The education and training the average Nigerian Youth receives in the University only prepares them to be dependent, waiting for a 9 to 5 job and possibly a big break someday if they are handpicked by a government official to walk the corridors of power, and that is their only contribution to governance. We are not prepared for direct leadership.
    Yes, our fathers who have gone before us has failed to lay a solid leadership foundation for from which we could learn, but enough of the blame game, our destinies lies in our hands. Time will fail me to reel out leadership successes achieved by modern day youths in other climes. The truth is that we should rise now to the challenge, the future of Nigeria lies in our hands. Nigeria’s strength and development tomorrow lies in the hands of her youths.
    I encourage more gathering as such where it will not only be speeches but actions taken to bring about attitudinal changes in our youths, capacity building, training and workshops on leadership and strategic planning to prepare the Nigerian youth for effective leadership responsibilities tomorrow.
    PS: The average Nigerian youth is far behind their mate in other countries (even in our neighbouring African countries) in terms of leadership and strategic planning. Quest for wealth and instant gratification, misplaced priorities and hunger for fame has beclouded the minds of the average Nigerian youth. I encourage discussions to be carried out on the way forward and possible re-orientation of the Nigerian youth. The strength of a nation lies in the promise of its youths. The greatness of a nation lies in the potential of its youths. A nation’s destiny is essentially that charted by the young population. Whatever a nation will be, look no farther than the youth.

    1. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!
      Henry, this is more like an epistle. I had to take my time to read but trust me, it was worth my time.

      You’ve simply said it all! We would always write on topical national issues and publish hoping that someday, our leaders will take the right ACTION steps.

      Rest assured your thoughts and suggestions will be well delivered. Thank you Henry!

    1. Thank you sir for appreciating the piece.
      I sincerely think there’s always an opportunity amid problems. In the present recession situation, youths must be creative, think of a problem to solve, come up with a unique idea, find their passion and be resourceful. Instead of asking what the government will do for them, they become wealth creators.

      Creativity is a thing of the mind and commitment is needed as well for its accomplishment. Time and patience are only needed for excellent talents to attract publicity!

  3. What a nice event and an inspiring charge by Sen. Dino Melaye: “You must picture a future you want to feature in. In an unjust society, silence is a crime”… We don’t sit and watch things happen but to ensure to make things happen.

    1. I was thinking I was the only one affected by those words of his. Those words really got me thinking too.

      If we don’t like the way we are being ruled or the way things are happening/unfolding in our country, we get up and speak against it rather than complain and murmur from the background.

      We can actually create the change we want to see…
      Thanks Obus for buttressing that. Well appreciated!

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