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Yipeeee!!! It’s the International Women’s Day 2017. Women, are you happy? Are you proud to be a woman? Are you proud of your present accomplishments? Are you contributing your quota no matter how small to national development? Are you impacting positively on your immediate community and society? Is your family proud of you? Are you sincerely doing your best at your workplace and in your career? Are you involved in personal development? Are you a wealth creator? Are you bold? Are you creative? Are you a worthy wife, mother, sister, role model and colleague?

Personally, I love being a woman. I have great potentials and am working on myself to become greater and reach higher in my career. I am excited about this day, set aside for women to reflect on their past ways, make personal decisions and resolve to get better in all areas of their lives. It’s also selected to celebrate great women of excellence and achievements with their counterparts charged to do same. The girl-child is not left out in all of these because they are the younger women still in their budding stage. It is quite essential for a good proportion of our attention to be on these younger ones, giving them equal and fair opportunity, reasonable mentorship and guidance as their male counterparts for skill optimization and maximum efficiency in their desired fields. The women trafficking, beatings, molestation, intimidations must be put to a halt!

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Gone are the days when we used to believe that the woman’s place is just in the kitchen and bedroom. When we used to believe they were punching bags. When they did not have a say in the matters of their marital home. When they would stay at home while the boys go to school and receive formal education. Things have changed. Women are becoming more than that. Some are doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers, top CEOs, managers, strategists, entrepreneurs, scientists, technologists, award-winning novelists/writers/poets, actresses, musicians, bankers, public speakers, programmers, politicians, influential decision makers…, name it. They are making waves and going places. Every woman deserves the right to be heard. They should be given the liberty to serve, pursue their career and upgrade themselves to reach higher goals. Of course, not neglecting the wife and mother responsibilities they must take up. Striking a perfect balance in all areas of their lives and endeavours is the best way to be efficient.  I am not totally condemning being a house wife, though. Families differ. Individuals are not the same. Affairs of the home are run smoothly and better when agreements are reached between the two parties.  Some husbands want their wives to be stay-at-home mums, devoting full time to the running of the home and the welfare of the children. That’s not bad when you can still make use of your smart phones and laptops to be creative. Strategize. Do something impactful. Be proactive. Be business-minded. Don’t be lazy, it doesn’t pay to be. Don’t be a wasteful spender. Be a diligent woman, a helpful helper.

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Sometimes, I pause to think of the extraordinary strength the women folks have. They have a career, a home, a husband, children, siblings, parents, extended family and in-laws to take care of and train (especially the children), personal targets, deadlines, events, meetings, appointments they must meet. They have demanding bosses they are answerable to, a job to protect. The house has to be tidy at all times, meals must be ready as at when due, they get pregnant for as many children they have mutually decided with their husbands to have. They wake up early each day, weekdays and weekends, in order to prepare all members of the house, arrange meals and put things together. In real life situations, I see a pregnant mother backing a baby and at the same time, holding the hand of another little child and carrying a heavy load, struggling with other commuters to board vehicles. Women are just a special set of tolerant patient talented multi-tasking strong-willed beautiful beings. They deserve special commendation. I doff my cap for us.

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Gender is not a barrier. You’re born with potentials, tap into them, improve and excel in your chosen areas. The world of a woman is not limited. Encourage the girl-child. Aim for the peak of your career. Motivate yourself. Be that driving force and positive change agent of the change you desire to see. Don’t settle for less. Be prepared for leadership. You CAN and you WILL. Get focused!

Celebrate your virtues, women! Today’s our day. It is once in a year. Once again, Happy International Women’s Day 2017! While at it, strategize to do something great!

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The men folks, it’s time to celebrate your wife, fiancée, daughter, special friend, mother, sister, female step relatives, grandmother. They are important to us. Mention the name of the female you’re shouting out to. E kelee onye akidi, o gwota ozo (If you celebrate/praise them, they’ll definitely do more). Let’s go there! The first 5 will get a reward.


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31 thoughts on “WOMEN, BE BOLD AND CREATIVE!

  1. Yeyyyyyy!!! Finally, the first 5 people who commented on this post got their freebies, as promised. You could be the lucky one next time, be my blog subscriber, always visit, always read, always comment.
    I love you all!

  2. It’s wonderful to celebrate God’s gift to the world called “women”. May you bring sunshine to your world.

    1. We appreciate your goodwill message to us on this day Mr. Tony.
      I hold your urge dear to my heart. With God’s help and guidance, all our “lights” will shine brightly. It’s in us all!

    1. Well said Onyinye.
      Women are evolving, striking a balance in all their responsibilities as wives, mothers, sisters, grand-mothers, daughters, daughters-in-law, experts and professionals in different fields, managers, top CEOs…
      I celebrate you Onyi.

  3. Women are special breeds. They are unique in every sense. We cannot do without them. We celebrate you all today and always

  4. Happy International Women’s Day!!!
    I celebrate all the beautiful women out there including this beautiful lady Precious. You are a genius and I pray your dream as a woman will come to pass soonest in Jesus name.

    Yes I must confess it’s not easy to be a woman but our Creator has given us sufficient ability to explore that which is called “impossible”

    Thank you very much for taking your time to appreciate womanhood via this write-up. God bless you richly.

    1. Your wife is a special and personal blessing from God made just for you! She is blessed. Your home is blessed.

      For acknowledging her, you’re an awesome husband.

      Your comment is well appreciated Mr. Abraham!

  5. Today, I celebrate my mum, grandmum, sisters, aunts, nieces, female friends and ALL women out there.

    I pledge to help women and girls achieve their ambitions; to help women advance and unleash the limitless potential offered to economies the world over; to challenge conscious and unconscious gender bias; to value women’s contributions to the development of our society.

    1. Thanks Mr. MacHenry for acknowledging us.
      May you stay true to your pledge and may God grant you the strength and resources you need to give your full support to women.

      Our society will definitely get better.

  6. Yes o…You women are a priceless gift to humanity. I wonder what the world would look like without you all. Everything in me I could be proud of, i’ve learned it from my mother and sisters and a couple of female friends who’ve proved to be worth it… I salute all the women in the world, continue the good works and remain you. Happy women’s day once more. Much respect. . .

    1. I love the word “priceless”. The world is complete with the feminine touch and presence. Shout out to Kelechi’s mum, sisters and female friends!

      We will keep being real. We respect you too dear.

  7. In addition, women are ‘gods’. They are quite intelligent, smart, and are involved in the creation process. I celebrate my Mum, Sisters, Wife, and daughter. Happy international women’s day to all women.

    1. True! Asides their emotional intelligence and innovation at their workplaces, they bring forth in birth. The women in your life will continue to love and adore you sir.
      Thank you Mr. Tonie…

  8. Women are so important in the nation, so important in the family, so important in our lives, the care n affection they portray when it’s really true is overwhelming. Women are industrious, creative and innovative. Their resilience during setback is amazing, they can bear any hurdle to ensure that those they come in contact with, succeed. I celebrate all the women all over the globe for their peculiar attributes and nature. I celebrate u all….

    1. Ohhh dear, this is quite encompassing. I am already blushing because I am a woman. God created us strong enough, that’s why we have such lovely attributes.
      I celebrate you Bright!

  9. Thanks for this write-up because I can’t imagine my life without my wife…. So I know Women deserve a day of celebration like this👌indeed👍 Worldwide…

    Foskaay celebrates WOMEN too!

  10. I celebrate the heart of a woman. I celebrate my MUM. This is a huge shout out to the reason why I’m here. The arms that lifts me up when I hit the ground level. Even when I mess things up, you give me chance after chance to amend my ways. I celebrate you on this special day.

    1. Yeyyyyy and Henry’s the first person to comment. Well done bro! Mum is well celebrated, the world celebrates your mum’s personality and character. She is indeed special.

      Have a great day Henry!

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