Nigerian Youths. IQ. Redirection to the right path.

Nigerian Youths. IQ. Redirection to the right path.

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Nigerian youths are quite talented. Very talented set of young minds. They just have a way of converting every idea, good or bad, noticed or unnoticed, into rib-cracking jokes. The short write-ups accompanying the hilarious pictures, drawings, artistic works and creative graphic designs are simply wonderful. Most times, only the pictures convey the entire message therein. I have not seen young ones like these ones. Sometimes, I pause to wonder the time it takes them to think of, brainstorm on and gather necessary ideas and inputs to put up these meaningful works. Nigerians don’t have dull brains. I don’t believe we do. With or without education, being born with or without silver spoon, with or without medical care, under the sun, in the rain, with or without cash in the pocket, hopeful, hopeless, they always improvise and survive.

I call it “Fresh Undiluted Raw Unique Talent”. They struggle, work hard and make it wherever they go, no matter the prevailing conditions. Suffice it to say that the harsh conditions, hardwork and sometimes, suffering “cook” them to be hard enough to withstand and survive in any environment, even excelling better than the supposed indigenes. “O nweghi ihe ga-egbunwu umu Afrika” (Nothing can kill Africans). Nigerians are everywhere, in all countries. Anywhere you go, you must find a Nigerian. Their business and creative sense is worth dying for. I am proud to be a Nigerian.

The comedy world is taking a totally different and more endearing dimension than what it used to be. You hardly see people going to the cinemas to watch movies that are not comedy movies, except for foreign movies. They are all over the internet and social media, different comedy groups popping up everyday.  Month after month, very exciting top-notch trailers of comedy movies drag people to go see “movies of the week”. Believe me, most make sense. But then, if you ask me, there is nothing entirely wrong with calming the nerves after the day’s work in front of a cinema big screen, screaming and laughing over a pack of popcorn and cold milkshake. I am sometimes, a patronizer. A point to note however, is that as crowds are trooping in, millions are being made. It’s only ideal that you do your utmost to strengthen the capacity of your purse or better still, station a stable financial system; else it would be a gross financial disfavor to you.

Moreover, there are unworthy life endeavours to which some Nigerian youths are channeling their time, strength and brains. Yes, things could be tough, factors enabling growth might be unfavorable, cash might not be in circulation, you might not be there today, but these still are not excuses for venturing. There’s a popular adage which goes thus: “Once there is life, there is hope”. Rather than wasting time on online duping/fraud, popularly known as “yahoo yahoo”, bank fraud, prostitution, pick pocket, it would rather be better to generate useful ideas and work on them. They might not necessarily be entirely new ideas. They could be previous works by others in your chosen field or particular interest, add better content to it, redefine, restrategize, come up with a plan, research, do more of personal development, have a set of defined values, choose your friends wisely, spend your precious time meaningfully, be responsible, get enough fresh air always and exercise, eat healthy, rest well but do not over rest, millionaires do not over rest, form networks and collaborations that work, be focused on your life goals and aspirations, involve God, fight and be angry for success.

Yes, no more social vices! Stop online duping/fraud, prostitution, picking pocket. You are more than that. Now, this will shock you: Based on well-researched and proven statistics, the human brain may be able to hold as much information in its memory as is contained on the entire Internet. Researchers discovered that, unlike a classical computer that codes information as 0s and 1s, a brain cell uses 26 different ways to code its “bits.” It is calculated that the brain could store 1 petabyte (or a quadrillion bytes) of information, which is a real bombshell in the field of neuroscience. Mind-blowing!

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Think outside the box and build yours. Yours is yours. Change your story. Cutting corners is definitely not the way to sustainable success. After reading these words, I sincerely do not expect you to be where you were without a bold step forward. Is that a promise?


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4 thoughts on “Nigerian Youths. IQ. Redirection to the right path.

  1. Nigerian youths are so multi-talented.. Despite the harsh conditions, the youths are so tenacious to see things work in various industries. However, as the tide changes, it’s also wisdom to embrace entrepreneurship. Some are actually gifted, a good number still have to be stirred, while some are yet to be stirred. So we can experience a better transformation in our economy.

    1. I noticed that the harsh conditions have cooked and overcooked them to be resilient. Entrepreneurship is undoubtedly the headway. We must all put on our thinking caps.
      I appreciate your thought on this, Obus. Well done!

  2. That’s quite a clarion call, a heads up for the youths of our country. This can only work effectively if the government and the private sector will create more enabling environment to support youth enterprenership. Our educational system should be revamped to equip youths with skills and entrepreneurship ideas, and not churning out dependants on a 9 to 5 for survival. Great one there Precious!!

    1. Yes, Mr. Oge. Well said! It’s indeed a “head up” call for all Nigerian youths to be enterprising. Definitely, our educational system needs a HOLY TOUCH. The 9 to 5 stagnant survival cycle is not helping at all. I appreciate your contribution.

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