Diva Essentials – It’s About Details, Creativity and Class!

Diva Essentials – It’s About Details, Creativity and Class!

DIVA ESSENTIALS is a lifestyle brand in Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory that is providing solutions through products and services. It was founded out of a passion to make people look and feel good, while helping them realize their potentials towards becoming all that they can be. Diva Essentials stands out as a luxury lifestyle and fashion brand with a focus on attention to details. With a team consisting of professionals with several years of experience working in different aspects of fashion design and possessing innovative, dynamic, fashion-forward skills of global standard.

Having started off serving women, Diva Essentials now serve even the CLASSIC MAN who is confident, mature and avant-garde in fashion taste. With individuals in the Society duly represented in Diva Essentials’ five (5) fashion categories/personalities style formats for men and women according to their lifestyle choices and a unique match to their different circumstances and events, join me in the discovery ride:


With royalty come elegance, glamour, confidence and authority. Her appearance speaks of power, giving attention to details, making every appearance a show of supreme glamour and elegance, making her the queen she already is.


He is known as a Divo and he is more than comfortable to demonstrate his style in confidence, taking no risk in expressing his inner self, bold enough to be a trend setter. He is second only to royalty as his elegance emphasizes his influence.




Sparing no expense to look gorgeous, elevating her beauty, class and style as she dazzles with her presence. The glamorous diva empowers her personality with her appearance, leaving no details unchecked making her presence a spectacle to behold.


The Hijab symbolizes modesty, comfort, protection and privacy. The hijab diva is exotic, showcasing her elegant appetite for fashion and style, yet feeling comfortable and modest.



Chic describes being elegant, smart, stylish and trendy and it’s not different from a chic diva. She has a timeless sense for style, using her fashion to express herself. She is daring, bringing out her mood, personality and lifestyle through her dresses.

Diva Essentials’ products are made in either “Ready to Wear” or “Made to Measure” all in one location in Abuja and available for purchase at market outlets, in-store and online with a broad based delivery network.

In fact, DIVA Essentials lifestyle brand covers the essentials of life providing beauty through quality, luxury, class and for a community. Diva Essentials is stepping out to redefine the “DIVA” effect and lead the lifestyle industry in Nigeria by ensuring there is something for everyone without compromising quality, uniqueness, taste and class which keep the DIVA Essentials community bonded, thus, the slogan – a community of people that “believe, become, and belong”.

Therefore, for that total queen, glam, chic, hijab and man diva transformation, contact Diva Essentials at:

Email: 4diva.essentials@gmail.com

Website: www.divaessentials.com.ng 

Twitter: @4divaessentials

Instagram: @diva_essentials

I get inspired by and celebrate Creativity and Class! What about you?

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