Comm’n guys. It’s time for us to dialogue. Have you been noticing, scanning through or ardently following my blog? I appreciate and celebrate you! Let me use this medium to get you fully involved. Doing a creative write-up on this topic has actually been on my mind for sometime now. But finally, it’s here. This will be highly interactive. So, let’s get talking.

Consider, critically analyze and picture these 2 scenarios:

Sophisticated Laura (Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com)

Over-pampered sophisticated 25-year old Miss Laura is a Bachelor of Science as well as a Master’s Degree holder in Accounting, who successfully graduated from a well-known private Nigerian university and a UK university respectively, speaks English Language quite fluently, dresses smartly and elegantly, is able to express herself boldly anywhere but surprisingly, does not have even basic/background knowledge of her discipline. Well, owing to the connections her wealthy family has, she was offered a mouth-watering offer in a big multi-national based on trust. Laura never submitted her CV, neither did she write any test or faced any interview panel. Now, she has to defend her cause and of course, not expected to drag the family name to the mud. Her strict no-nonsense father would not tolerate this high level of indiscipline after spending a fortune on her. By hook or by crook, she definitely must have a tangible explanation to give.

No one knew that Laura was busy paying and sleeping her way through in the university. She disliked attending classes and reading her books. She would prefer her romantic novels, shopping, putting on the most expensive cologne, wears and wristwatches, attending parties. No ride on campus matched/equaled hers, not even the professors’. All lecturers were afraid of giving her poor marks and grades. Even fellow students were scared of getting close, except for the children of the crème de la crème in the society. As gentle as she looked, the same Laura who family members thought couldn’t hurt a fly, was the head of the notorious brutal Black Bra cult gang.

Mr. Lourdes (Photo Credit: www.alamy.com)

On the other hand, Mr. Lourdes is a 37-year old married skilled, gifted, dynamic and illiterate craftsman, whose highest educational qualification is Primary 6 First School Leaving Certificate, but lives up to his responsibility as a husband and father. He is widely sought after because of his exceptional skill. His customers always commend the quality of his works and gladly recommend and announce him to any who cares to listen. As a result, he gets the patronage of more and more clients effortlessly. Sarah, Mr. Lourdes’ wife has been complaining endlessly about his spoken English and general communication which she termed ‘very poor’. Well, he has turned deaf ears to her complaints, as far as he is getting huge dough, putting food on the table and the family, even extended family members are comfortable. Besides, his customers do not need to hear him speak Oral English before entrusting him with jobs and contracts. Lourdes thinks it would be a waste of time to enroll in adult education. Afterall, he loves his passion and it’s paying off.

Amidst our daily hustle and engagements, we meet different types and calibers of people. Personally, I don’t hastily conclude that one who can “rap” English Language fluently is intelligent. It probably might be “packaging” or “scam”. Don’t fall prey! I still do not understand the reason why most organizations and companies, who during recruitment, place embargo on particular results they need (1st class, 2/1), not giving other applicants with a lower grade equal opportunity to compete favorably and forgetting that it’s not all about results which of course, could be manipulated. I, for one, believe in one’s ability and skills. What actually can you do as a person? What are your strengths?

Now, back to you dear reader: Who is more accomplished? Miss Laura or Mr. Lourdes?

Photo Credit: www.uknaric.org

Is fluency in speaking English Language your yardstick for intelligence measurement? Parents, Teachers, what caliber of children are we grooming and raising? Youths, what are you becoming? Food for thought!

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  1. Having the fluency and not the brains to back it up is like a beautiful ship on high seas with no engine. A classic case of all bark no bite.
    To cut to the chase, one can’t go without the other. They are what I call necessary perfect compliments of each other.
    Beautiful piece Precious.

    1. I love the simile you used. Fluency and brains are “necessary perfect compliments of each other”, indeed! Thank you very much for commending the piece, Mr. Paul! I like your thought on this.

  2. There is no point in being unable to communicate your skills, since you won’t always be on the field to prove your worth. Effective communication is vital.

    In the same vein, communicating a skill you can’t prove is worthless.
    We should strive to be effective in both. Both can be learnt.

  3. I have always maintained that one’s eloquence does not always reflect his intellect or skill. His products will always speak for themselves. Cheers!

  4. Well, getting good education is very good in its own… but placing too much importance and using “English fluency” as a tool for intellectual measurement is bad. There are lots of people very good in other subjects, courses, disciplines but may not perform excellently in spoken words…
    Talents, skills, gifts open doors more readily than packaged words. When you speak and don’t match it practically with good actions, you have started failing. The bible also states that the gift of a man maketh way for him.
    For our parents, I opine that their emphasis should not just go on acquiring the white man education but also discover and help the children grow and build their in-born, acquired or passionate skills/gifts.
    In all, Mr. Lourdes is more fulfilled than Ms. Laura. Thank you.

  5. Nice write-up. Fluency in English language doesn’t mean someone is intelligent, though it’s a plus. Lourdes had the know-how but it’s not out of place to brush up your English language proficiency inasmuch as you’re enterprising. It’s a plus as well!

    1. Awwwww, thanks for saying “Nice write-up”. I love that part, “Even at being enterprising, it would be a plus to brush up one’s English Language proficiency”. I so much appreciate your thought, Mr. Frank!

  6. The answer is right there in the article! Having your way around languages does not equate proficiency in your field. They are both different skills. Though your fluency in languages like the English language can aid your profession in the form of confidence boost, admiration and the likes, it can never be substitued for your intelligence quotient!

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