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And everywhere I go, it keeps ringing like a bell in my ears. I dare to call it a norm. A mere belief which must have emanated from someone somewhere, all of a sudden gets into the air without being questioned and is generally acceptable. Women themselves do not put up a fight to defend the female gender when such is said about them. I keep wondering if all men are perfect in the act. Well, I beg to differ. The mention of those statements: “It’s a woman. It must be a woman” gets me irritated. Am always against anyone who makes that comment and with my humble but detailed defense with cited examples and rhetorical questions, I would stop at nothing but leave my “co-debaters” defeated and make them rest their case. It’s high time we stopped referring to women as weaklings!

The uncultured ones among them go as far as uttering rude words like: “Stupid Woman, Get out of the way. If you don’t know how to drive, park!” Have you had a 1 second thought, what if she were to be your mum, wife or sister? Will you address her the same way? Am in a car and sometimes, the driver attributes any wrong driving to a woman. In response to that, I tease and stylishly add: “You never can just conclude. What if it’s a man, what happens?” Afterwards, you see him grow cold and speechless throughout the ride when we finally discover it’s a man. Granted, women could make mistakes while driving but then the idea that they are always mentioned for that purpose is wrong and unfair. No one is perfect, not even the guys.

I ask: “Have you not seen male drivers who drive recklessly?” “Have you not noticed male drivers breaking road signs?” “Do you claim not to have witnessed male drivers disobeying traffic lights?

Have you ever been driven by a woman before and after the ride, you had a sincere urge to tip her, commend her, peck her, tell her how wonderful she was at it, even own up to the fact that she drives better than you (if a male), pointing out her mastery and carefulness which prompted your nerves to be relaxed to the verge of your dozing off? Am sure you’re nodding your head in agreement, reading this.

Now, let me get down to this. It’s understandable if it’s said that some or most women are clueless once their car breaks down on the road or another bashes their husband-given expensive ride. That particular spot becomes their last bus stop. They simply call their husbands to come pick them or yell at the defaulter. Of course, what would she have done on the contrary? They have and express much confidence in their husbands’ capabilities and saving power. You know the Jackie-Chang kind of expectation, that home-appliance-repairer kind of expectation. Same goes for when policemen or road safety marshals tend to stop and delay them. As a husband, you must live up to it.

In all, the point is that blame should be accorded to anyone who is at fault, regardless of gender. No assumptions and reservations as to who would have done or not done that mistake. Everyone is prone to mistakes, male and female alike. No one is perfect. Afterall, what a man can do, sometimes, a woman can do even better. So, driving is not an exception. Meanwhile, let all strive to be good citizens, obey traffic lights, adhere to road signs and be at our best in all endeavours. It’s for our good and safety. Also, do not drink, smoke, chat, and make/pick calls while driving. Drive as if your family were in the other vehicle. Ensure your vehicle is in good working condition before starting the engine to move out. Have your papers complete and up-to-date to avoid embarrassment. Be security-conscious.

God bless you for reading. What’s your take on this? Your voice is important.

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2 thoughts on “IT’S A WOMAN. IT MUST BE A WOMAN.

  1. Well said.For the record, I don’t attribute reckless driving to women only, although they can be very reckless sometimes.Driving, however, involves a lot of negotiations. It requires coordination and 100% attention. Unlike domestic accidents, any slight mistake while driving could result in,not just one,but a chain of fatal outcomes.
    I believe the severity of these outcomes explains why our first instinct is usually to react nastily towards the driver. I’m not giving a nod to that anyway

    I think this blog is more concerned about the nasty reactions of road users to women driving recklessly than reckless driving generally. But in any case, reckless driving could have pretty fatal outcomes-lives could be lost and properties damaged!
    Given, you wouldn’t expect a pat on your back as the culprit,or would you?.
    As justifiable as it might seem,acting rashly or being snippy towards the culprit isn’t the best bet.It creates more problems than it solves.In some cases, reckless driving isn’t as planned-out as it appears. It could be fueled by fear resulting from unforseen vehicular malfunction.
    It now begs the question, “what’s the way forward?”

    My take:
    Not everyone is emotionally healthy enough not to take out their emotions on the culprit-the reckless driver. Moreso, mistakes are unarguably bound to occur while driving.Even Dominic Torreto can falter behind the wheels.
    So I’ll suggest that you spend more time mastering your ride than taking people’s nasty utterances to heart.It’ll help a great deal.In driving,there is a thin line between fear and recklessness.I believe it takes confidence to control any unforseen malfunction while driving,such that your fear doesn’t degenerate into disorientation and then recklessness,and in the worst case scenario, fatality. As a rule of thumb in driving, a driver(not the vehicle) takes all the blame.

    Thanks for letting me contribute. Hope I made some sense.

    1. What more can I say? Nothing. I must confess, you sound more like a Creative Writer and an Analyst!

      No more comment. I can’t agree less. Besides, wouldn’t want to ruin the detailed perfection of your comment.

      I owe you Promise Iwuchukwu. And of course, you made a whole lot of sense!

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