10th October, 2013 is a date I hold dear to my heart. A date I will always remember. A date which means a lot to me. On that special fateful day, in Jenny’s room, just as she had always persuaded me and made me see reasons to start up a blog, her words penetrated my heart and gained roots this time. Am sure she does not recall this date, until she reads this. I knew it was time to act having written hundreds of unpublished stories and articles. Little did I know that I could make it a lasting career and corporate business. She had so much confidence in me since she had studied my writing style, engaged me in some works and known my capabilities overtime. To me, it was an entirely new journey to embark upon – the journey of blogging and becoming a professional creative writer and blogger. I could see the bigger picture, the high dreams, the expectations, the travels, the connections, the impact and of course, the money.

At about 8:30pm that evening after 30 minutes of meaningful and thorough tutoring, I was set to leave. I was eager to try out new templates, colours and other features on my new blog. So many ideas were popping into my head already. On my way home, I simply jotted down the ideas as they came, as usual. I went home fulfilled, joyful and beaming with smiles as if I had won a jackpot. I told myself this had come to stay. It was a wonderful and satisfying feeling. At the same time, I reminded myself I had a whole lot of work to do in the background, research work, personal development, trainings, reading, going back to the drawing board, meeting ‘accomplishers’ who have towed the path I was about to follow, conduct random feedback polls and vox-pops in line with my purpose and dream. I was really excited that I was full and so, skipped dinner. I finally dozed off at about 5:30am after a whole long night of fulfilling work.

Four (4) years down the lane, it has not been an all rosy and smooth journey. I did not expect otherwise. I have had to do uncountable free works, making mistakes, taking corrections and getting better. The movement from www.onuohaprecious.blogspot.com to www.onuohaprecious.com was the height. Having to maintain the weekly blog updates, yield to the interests and requests of my blog followers and readers and naturally increase my blog traffic were quite tasking. Have we gotten there? No. But certainly we are not where we used to be. It’s getting better and better. I have learnt that professionalism and consistency are key. In all, it has been an interesting, adventurous and worthwhile experience. Watch out for more intriguing literary piece and accomplishments.

And a meeting made my day today. On this my blog’s 4th year anniversary, I had the opportunity to meet with the renowned Multimedia strategist, Broadcast Executive, Compere extraordinaire, author, columnist and former Executive Director News at Nigeria Television Authority (NTA), Mrs. Eugenia Abu. I cannot thank her enough for her time, professional mentorship and well-seasoned career advice. Hang on and watch the unraveling of the fruits of this purposeful meeting.

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And finally my word to you? “Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Endure, take the right steps, meet the right people, improve, grow and aim higher. Don’t be in a haste. Be a problem solver. Do something differently today. The sky will be your stepping stone in your career.”

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10 thoughts on “4 YEARS AND COUNTING!

  1. Congratulations and happy anniversary, ours dearest. We are so proud of you. Wishing you many more years of glory and impactful blogging.

  2. Congratulations. It pays to be focused, passionate and persistent towards your goal. God will continue to take you higher and sustain your great efforts in Jesus Name. Amen!

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