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One may probably ask what we collected from the Society that we are to give back. This and many more ring also in my head and go through my mind as you rightly thought.

Giving back to the Society is a good reflection on a Society with enormous resources, power and landmass for her populace. It is about reaching out to the masses in terms of empowerment, scholarships, infrastructure, technologies and the likes. It centres on individuals or corporate organizations that have broken even with available resources and in turn, standing up tall to better the lives and standard of living of the immediate niche of the individuals or host communities.

However, it is not a compelling activity but a willful and deliberate drive to see to the development of the people particularly living around such individuals/organizations.

Development is not in the surrounding but is domiciled in people. The developed nations of today are products of developed individuals at different platforms. Giving back to the Society could be at individual, corporate and governmental levels. The story goes on even to the fibres of polities. National resources being controlled by government Parastatals derived from underneath the nation’s farmlands are not just for national slaughter or embezzlement but that they are allocated rightly to ensure that the masses are engaged in skilled and semi-skilled schemes.

The interest of those who voted them into power demands a “Give Back to the Society”.  If the Society needs electricity, give them electricity. Infact, electricity is not only a “give-back-to-society”, but a COMMODITY to the Society. The importance and satisfaction of their well-being are indeed paramount.

Giving back to the Society gives way for an enabling environment for businesses to thrive for both skilled and semi-skilled labour. Its impact on food preservation, encouraging local cold room business are of serious concern to the populace. To some, it may be accessible roads to make life comfortable, easier and reduce cost of transporting farm produce from rural to urban areas, thus saving time, reducing stress and ensuring prompt delivery of agricultural produce.

A lot of host communities suffer insecurity as a major give back. Total strangers and people from neighbouring villages invade their homes and loot their properties instilling fear and tension in them. This hampers daytime movement and activities generally. Lives and properties must be secured by the government and our security officers. This is their own “give back to the Society”, which must be fulfilled.

Furthermore, to some communities their “give back to society” may be good pipe borne water to relief them of cholera and water borne diseases. Often times, we watch them bath, urinate in, defecate in and drink from the same source of water.

Nature itself teaches us to give back to the Society. Through the recycling process of photosynthesis, the sun releases its radiation to ease off her heat to the plants which spread their hands in appreciation to become green with and drop their food in man’s basket and some to the running animals. They too also bless the soil with their urine and dungs and a complete cycle of ”give, giving and given” is achieved.

To a young man who just got a luxurious job, it’s not enough to be me, myself and I alone. Everyone at different levels has their own “give back” quota – the poor, the rich. So many have beautiful dreams but the wherewithal isn’t available. Some graduates are just pushing wheelbarrows, others are hawking pure water on the streets waiting for a GIVE BACK. Put a smile on someone’s face today by “Giving Back to the Society”. You never can tell who’s waiting for you. Don’t wait for the next person, do yours.

In all, individuals, corporate bodies and the Government can give back to the Society at different levels and capacities. Development is a conscious effort with many givebacks to the Society.

Written by: _ObusCares_

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  1. Good thoughts you’ve got here; unfortunately we live in a clime where winner takes it all is the order of the day. It will take us some time to arrive at a sane society where giving our resources to better other people’s lives will be a way of life. Well done!

    1. Thanks Mr. Chidi. My sincere prayer is for us to arrive at a sane society already. In the meantime, let’s start small on a personal note in giving back. It wouldn’t hurt. Am quick to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day; “Tiny little efforts will amount to the desired change” and someday, ALL would have imbibed it as a culture.

      Am glad you like the piece, sir and I so much appreciate your thought. God bless you!

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