How long can a baby stay in the womb? Wombs DIFFER, my friend, before you shout the obvious. For an elephant, it’s 21 months, a human takes 9 months, lion’s is 4months, leopard’s is 3months and the list is endless.

We may not talk about their strength and uniqueness today, that will be a story for another day. In all of these, a seed was sown and time gives them an environment for an outcome.
The clock amongst other gadgets is the first tablet on the mind whenever time is mentioned. Time is like an environment for all things in order to achieve growth, development, decay, peace decay, war, etc. The popular saying “things will get better with time” is very correct. However, it will shock you that time in itself doesn’t change things rather it’s an environment for the outcome of things.
Have you seen a patient that is severely injured with cuts, bleeding profusely and was told to go home and relax, with the assurance that with time, he will get better? In that the state, the wounds won’t heal, rather, his body will start deteriorating with time; but if he gets medication, his wounds and cuts will start healing with time.

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True to the picture created above, “Time” is seen as an environment for either deterioration or healing. Time has given every man an opportunity to sow their seeds.  Sow what you what to see and time will provide the environment for the outcome to surface.
Imagine a farmer kept his maize seed in a bowl. That seed won’t grow with time by virtue of its propagation. Maize must be planted on the soil to grow. The farmer must plant it for it to grow. With time, the seed will germinate from the soil and mature for harvest.
You can’t afford to sit down and things change with time. Time is an environment for the outcome of seeds sown.  The truth is, there will always be an outcome – but which line of outcome is the question. You can make things happen for the better with time. If you want to see development in your community, then start making the environment favourable for companies to come in. When the grass is green, the sheep will eat and even lie down. Stop the persistent fighting and killing of strangers in the community, let everyone in the community be promoters of peace, companies value peace in any community. They want to site their structures. Stop chasing companies away with “deve” as it is called.  As these things go on in the community, with time, companies will start trooping in because the community is favourable for them. The reverse is the case with time.
Now, on national issues. The dollar didn’t just rise above the naira. The naira was much stronger than the dollar before now. Companies like: Peugeot Automobile Nigeria, Volkswagen Nigeria, Dunlop Nigeria LTD, Michelin Nigeria, BATA, LENNARDS, Nigerian Airways, Steel Rolling Mill Osogbo, Steel Rolling Mill Ajaokuta, Arewa Textile Mill, BEREC Battery, ANAMCO, etc., were on ground to really attract the dollar. As at 1972, a dollar was equal to 0.652 naira but in 2017 today, a dollar is equal to 360 naira. Time gave the environment for the outcome presently felt in both the naira and dollar nations today.

Below is the Naira to Dollar Exchange Rate History:

Year Dollar Naira Exchange Rate
1972 $1 N 0.658
1973 $1 N 0.658
1974 $1 N 0.63
1975 $1 N 0.616
1976 $1 N 0.62
1977 $1 N 0.647
1978 $1 N 0.606
1979 $1 N 0.596
1980 $1 N 0.550 (N 0.900 Black Market Rate)
1981 $1 N 0.61
1982 $1 N 0.673
1983 $1 N 0.724
1984 $1 N 0.765
1985 $1 N 0.894 (N 1.70 Black Market Rate)
1986 $1 N 2.02 (N 3.90 Black Market Rate)
1987 $1 N 4.02 (N 5.90 Black Market Rate)
1988 $1 N 4.54 (N 6.70 Black Market Rate)
1989 $1 N 7.39 (N 10.70 Black Market Rate)
1990 $1 N 7.39 (N 10.70 Black Market Rate)
1991 $1 N 8.04 (N 9.30 Black Market Rate)
1992 $1 N 9.91
1993 $1 N 17.30 (N 21.90 Black Market Rate)
1994 $1 N 22.33 (N 56.80 Black Market Rate)
1995 $1 N 21.89 (N 71.70 Black Market Rate)
1996 $1 N 21.89 (N 84.58 Black Market Rate)
1997 $1 N 21.89 (N 84.58 Black Market Rate)
1998 $1 N 21.89 (N 84.70 Black Market Rate)
1999 $1 N 21.89 (N 88-N 90 Black Market Rate)
2000 $1 N 85.98 (N 105.00 Black Market Rate)
2001 $1 N 99-N 106 (N 104-N 122 Black Market Rate)
2002 $1 N 109-N 113 (N 122-N 140 Black Market Rate)
2003 $1 N 114-N 127 (N 135-N 137 Black Market Rate)
2004 $1 N 127-N 130 (N 137-N 144 Black Market Rate)
2005 $1 N 132-N 136
2006 $1 N 128.50-N 131.80
2007 $1 N 120-N 125
2008 $1 N 115.50-N 120
2009 $1 N 145-N 171
2010 $1 N 148.21-N 154.8
2011 $1 N 151.05-N 165.1
2012 $1 N 155.09-N 161.5
2013 $1 N 153.21-N 162.9
2014 $1 N 170-N 199
2015 $1 N 199-N 300
2016 $1 N 300-N 320 (N 310-N 370 Black Market Rate)
2017 $1 N 360


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… The dollar nation kept sowing seeds of value to their currency while the naira nation was watching companies that attract the dollar to shut down and our appetite for foreign tooth picks rose, thinking it will remain like that. Right now, the solution is not just prayer but a conscious effort to see that we sow seeds of entrepreneurship, adding value to resources we have, getting our refineries to work, if possible, encourage the implementation of modular refineries, encourage the manufacturing industries, sponsor innovations to limelight, etc. These are seeds we can sow as a nation in the environment of time to see a sustainable development and better economy.
This perception will help individuals, corporate bodies and even the government to seeing the much desired outcome. Redeem the time, the scripture says. An expert is not made in a day but as s/he sows the seed of continuous practice, s/he begins to see perfection with time.  Sow what you want to see and it will grow, flourish and thrive in the environment of time.

Written by Obus_cares.

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  1. Lets put ideas, energy and resources and what have you in the environment of time and see a transforming outcome. Presh thanks for stirring me into writing.

    1. Well said Obus. Am glad I did. Thousands and millions of stories are yet untold. Narratives must be told through remarkable styles. As a writer, there is this indescribable sense of fulfillment I feel when I write, thus, it’s my singular honour and pleasure to see more writers sprout forth. Indeed, writers rock. More ink to your writing pen!

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