I bet you never had an inkling of the direction I was taking the content of my last write-up, Screeching Tyres and Hot Windscreens by mere sighting the caption. I caught you there, perhaps, swept you off your feet and took you unawares. I hope you have read that interesting piece which perfectly describes the road, trip and transportation situation experienced by Nigerian travelers and road users this season. If not yet, what are you waiting for exactly? Read through at once HERE, drop your comment and come back to the article of the moment.

Now, I tried to make this caption almost self-explanatory and I hope in the midst of the laughter and comedy it brings you, it educates and informs you. Now, let’s see what we’ve got.

It’s still the end of the year when all kinds of events, gatherings and functions, meetings, weddings, family outings, parties, burial ceremonies and all are held. One fact remains that RSVP (Rice and Stew Very Plenty – the meaning we were given when we were kids. Who is in my shoes?) must be served. Guests have different motives of attending occasions. For some, in all honesty, it’s a time to celebrate with the celebrants. For some others, it’s a time to analyze the celebrants’ properties, wealth and event taste/excellence. Yet others have bad intentions and motives, too bad! The last set of people come to eat, drink and pack home as much as their bags and polyethylene bags can carry.

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What enjoys or suffers it all? Our taste buds! Need I add ‘body/system reservoir and digestive organ – the stomach/abdomen’? Today, I choose to be a mouthpiece of taste buds, yes, because I feel for them. Most of their owners do not put them into consideration before swallowing ANYTHING that comes their way – the tasty, the soar, the bitter, the rotten, the tasteless, the sweet, the salty and the expired – so long as it fills their abdomen and makes them full.

Photo Source: www.5rm.com.au

Please, I plead on behalf of your taste buds. Pity them. That it’s the end of the year and a season of celebration does not mean that your taste buds should suffer. Those bad foods could lead you to the toilet frequently, to the hospital where you end up taking pills and injections which will afterall, spoil your celebration mood and make you spend thousands of naira. A word is enough for the wise. You will definitely thank me later. See you all in 2018!

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  1. A lot has been chewed in this festive season . Here is one way to re-set the taste bud of the tongue. Eat one type of fruit per day, and the job is done. For bitter start with bitter leaf…Hahahah

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