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Hope is beyond a static energy or an emergency hormone like adrenaline. It’s a force whose “Newton” can lift one from the prison to the palace.

Consider this scenario: A group of frogs were running, and as the race continued, two fell into a pit.  The fun some are expecting seems to be lost, as the theme of the write-up is captioned: “The hope for a better tomorrow”. That was a detour, anyway. Back to our interesting story. The two frogs tried to jump out but they couldn’t as the crowd of frogs above looked on. Some were even laughing. It got to a point they all suggested that they just remained there and not jumped again. “Remain there and just die”, the others yelled. They kept shouting: “Don’t break your leg, just die there”… one of the trapped frogs heard that and couldn’t bear it. She gave up and fell “asleep”.
The remaining frog kept trying and strategizing. So at the next attempt, it jumped out of the pit. The crowd of frog started clapping for it. They asked: “Did you hear what we were saying?”  It said “No”. “I thought you guys were hailing me?”

I guess you noticed the twist. The other frog fell “asleep” as soon as it heard and saw discouragement while the victorious frog refused to be discouraged, strategized and it made it out of the pit.

In like manner, HOPE is an inner force inherent in every man. This force gets higher momentum when we refuse to get discouraged.  When you are weak in the mind, your muscles follow suit. Individuals who have gotten to the peak of their career today, once faced one sought of discouraging moment or the other. Those set of people chose to see only their success. There were times roses were in-between thorns. Nobody knew about Bill Gates but today, he is counted among the richest in the world.

Let’s examine some elements that steal the hope for a better tomorrow:

  1. Unpleasant Past.
    Yes, an unpleasant episode might have occurred in your life, which each time you remember, cripples every force in you to move on.  You must learn to let it go.  Let it be behind you and not in front of you. The worry of yesterday is aimed at sapping the strength of today while the worry of tomorrow will only empty the strength of today. So you must dust yourself of past failures. Thomas Edison in his experiment of producing an electric bulb, failed 99 times. He only got it right the 100th time. Have you ever wondered: “What if he felt discouraged and stopped right after the 5th trial?” I believe his technology speaks volume even in YOUR room today.

Someone defrauded you. Since then you lost the force to ever attempt any business.  What good has the fellow done you? You have thrown away that idea you caught. That invention would have been selling by now.  Pick up your pieces and get to work. Rise up, that force is still within you for a better 2018, you can re-strategize for a better year ahead of you. 2018 just began.

  1. Unhealthy Comparison.
    My secondary school teacher once said “appreciate your being a student now, because time will come when it won’t be comfortable to wear this school uniform.” That changed my mentality as a student. I was always washing and ironing my school uniform neatly. This singular utterance stirred confidence in me. Every man has his time. There is no product without a process. You MUST go through processes to get to your destination and fulfill destiny. It is more sustainable that way and that desired position would fit you more when you get there because you have been groomed and prepared thoroughly for it. Your steps would be more ordered and you’ll know exactly what to do when confronted with any situation.

Why envy people who can’t tell their story? Do you know how they got there? Do you know where they acquired their powers from? The secret of great men are in their story.  Men are in sizes while life is in phases.  Hardwork is still a virtue. Appreciate each stage of your life but don’t be complacent. There is a hope in you for something better – that’s the force. The top is a reachable height and no matter the achievements you have attained already, there is still somewhere called “There”. God wants you to be at your best.

  1. Impatience
    When a child is born. He doesn’t start walking and talking at the same time. There are times you allow things to incubate. Growth and development are natural.  It wouldn’t take long, your business will be walking and even flying across the nations of the world. It will get to a point it will be “talking” its quality to the world. Today, android phones are the best of phones in the world, but the technology was so ugly at first. Those set of phones were like police baton. See how people appreciate smart phones today. Or don’t you?
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Remember, the more you train, read, get exposed and get mentored, the more you grow and become better. It’s a gradual process, but you’re getting there. It’s attainable. People have been there before you.

Conclusively, don’t mistake your condition for your portion. The best things are not behind you but are in front of you. Keep the force for a better tomorrow alive in your health, business, family, governance, career, job and the like and 2018 shall be a better year.
            Written by: Obus_cares…🏻 Let’s appreciate him.

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  1. Very inspiring story. I encourage everyone to read to the end. There is something to learn from the story. Never be discouraged, keep moving on.

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