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The Mind

The Seat of Thoughts

The Custodian of unseen actions

The Inner Window of the body

The location where ideas are masticated

The Citadel of ‘weights’

The Decision Maker

Mind is Life.


The Mind

It shows your personality

It portrays your true color

It defines your emotions

It reveals your real intentions

It pictures your life ideologies

It reflects your filthiness, purity, maturity, childishness, stupidity, wickedness, exposure, innocence, naiveness, corruptness, resentment, happiness, mediocrity, excellence…

It gives a shadow of your upbringing, belief system and clique of friends

It determines your vocalizations

The Mind shapes your Life.


Your Mind

It is porous

It is fragile

What’s going on in there?

What do you fill it with?

What do you let into it?

Are you in full control of your mind?

Do you place it under constant scrutiny?


Some are absent-minded

The mind is not in its ‘physical state’

Can easily notice the girl in mini skirt

‘Stray’ thoughts easily cave in

Leads to forgetfulness

Others are beclouded

Some minds are like a ‘marketplace’

The house rent, the children’s tuition fees, the next meal, the creditor’s next move, the hospital bills…

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Crossing the expressway

Mindless of the ‘physical’

Mindless of the surrounding

In his state of ‘mind’

In the subconscious

Drowned in his problems

Immersed in thinking

Wishing for a salvage


The unplanned happens

A hit, a gush of blood

There’s unbearable pain

Shouts and screams fill the air

Then comes the hush, the checks, the long silence

Out of the blues, loud sirens

Wishing for a ‘Reverse’

Wishing for an attentive ‘Mind’


Your Mind

Keep it in its ‘physical state’

Keep it attentive

Keep it clean

Train it

Feed it

Guard it with everything you’ve got

In it, lies Life and Death.



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  1. Thanks Precious for this. Totally agree with you. Our minds, the center and workshop of all things. The holy scripture says it all.”Guard your mind jealously for out of it flows the issues of life” Our failures or success starts and ends in the mind. Reengineer your mind today for a greater you.

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