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Two women were shouting in the law court over a property. One was so loud that her voice overshadowed a man who had a bass voice. You know what? The three (3) were shouting for a generator set. The man had the receipt of a generator set but the woman with the loudest shout had nothing to support her shout. Kudos to the man. The man went with the property since he had the facts to prove it was his. In a law court, it is not the noise that prevails but facts and the constitution.

Fact is a collection of relevant information pertaining to a matter. This cuts across all fields of life and even our individual lives. In the medical parlance, doctors do their diagnosis and observation to determine the type of ailment a patient has – empirical evidence. This is simply a pointer to facts. Malaria and typhoid are not treated the same way. The symptoms of malaria are different from individual to individual. Not to talk of a case in the law court as we saw above. The lawyers prove their onions with facts; they explain why a plaintiff should be justified based on the facts of the case and as backed up in the constitution.

Here is one amazing secret of success during examinations. In an examination hall, do you know that all the students’ initial score is zero?

Let’s see the following keys:

F9: 0-39


C: 50-59

B: 60-69

A: 70-100

Everyone there is faced with that challenge including the most brilliant. Here is what happens. As each one begins to write, they begin to cross the marks of F9, D7, C, B and A.  It is not in the volume of words but in the volume of facts. This is very important to any student. Any examinee in the hall can get to the “A” line as long as the needed facts are written.

Precision is only feasible with facts. Those in the building industry will explain better. There are foundations that can’t carry up to 10 storeys, based on the fact that the foundation can’t withstand such load and pressure.

The government needs facts and figures for budgeting. One cannot dole out resources to a certain industry or location without due check, balances and tangible reasons. This will only create room for underdevelopment in such areas. Population is not a question of number but a question of people. One major factor affecting the development of the nation could be tackled with population. In the early 90’s of this nation, government jobs were enough for the citizens. People were gainfully employed in white collar jobs. But as time went on, there were no projections and plans to cater for the increasing population. The census figures became a question of number rather than people. We can fight underdevelopment with good facts and not with assumptions.

Facts are indeed, important in nation building and individual development.

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Written by:

Ogherodia Kelly Obukohwo


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  1. Facts are vital. However, there is something greater and better and this is “TRUTH”. Is there a difference? Yes. This can be a talk for another day. Kudos to Precious for this

    1. True, they are vital. I may have to come for a tutorial to choose the right spices to garnish the anticipated write-up on ‘Truth’. I feel like it’s published already, I can’t wait. Thank you very much sir. God bless you immensely.

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