It’s not going to be business as usual today. It’s not going to be a long piece. Today is a special day for women. Thus, in our own little way, we are celebrating women in a unique today. They are worthy of commendation because this gender goes through a lot, yet, they do not look it. They are good managers and influencers. Once empowered, they make the best out of each platform and position. They are one of a kind, drawing their strength from their Maker and learning from every experience to be better. Womanhood is a good experience. Women, ladies, girls, display the best today and beyond! It’s honoring that today is set aside to love up on us. Am humbled because am a lady and am glad am one!

To my lovely ladies: You are a female. Hold your shoulders high. Never be intimidated. Love your colour. Embrace your ethnicity. Horn your skills. Be confident in your personality. Be real.

To all the women I know, all the women in my network and circles, I love you all and celebrate you! Keep forging ahead and becoming better. Continue being a positive change agent!


Shout Out

Say HI to any girl, lady or woman you admire (Men, get in here and celebrate the female folks and who says women cannot celebrate themselves too?) The comment section below is available.

  • Mention her name and your relationship to her.
  • Drop her phone number (We will call and celebrate her on your behalf at NO cost).
  • You can send her picture to onuohaprecious1@gmail.com if you desire her to be showcased.
  • Mention some attributes about her which you like.

Am sure they are itching to get surprises. This promo is on for 10 days starting now. The clock is ticking already. Make them feel loved.

Exclusive for Men

What tips do you have for the women to become better pillars of support, wives, mothers, professionals, colleagues and societal influencers? Drop them, we are reading.


HAPPY 2018 International WOMEN’S DAY!











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17 thoughts on “#PRESSFORPROGRESS

  1. Today, I celebrate my bossom friend, for whom I have great admiration. Over two decades, I have seen her display courage. Right from an incidence with her brother in school to the tragedy she later faced as a young woman. She triumphs in the face of adversity. She is the mother, father, friend, tutor and confidant of her three amazing children. She has risen through all odds; she presses for progress and God smiles on her. She is Dr. Ufuoma Imoni Akonoghrere, 0805 272 1652. Celebrate with me, this determined amd charming lady . #StrongWomen

    1. My eyes are filled with tears as I read about this amazing woman’s ordeal. Am convinced it is God who gives her this exceptional strength to pull through and since He is faithful, He will keep upholding her hands in all her endeavors. I just pray I won’t get all emotional and start crying as I make this call…

      1. Thanks, Precious, you did it again! You have become my voice to my friends. She is someone I admire so much but she wouldn’t have allowed me to sing her praise. Thank you for the opportunity to celebrate these great women. The world will celebrate you too!

  2. I want to honour a worthy friend. She is honourable and dependable. In a world where people care only for their own, she goes all out to lend a hand. She is thoughful and wise. She is also an epitome of beauty: beautiful in and out. She is a woman who presses for progress. The CEO of Partipak (Souvenirs, gifts and events), Kubwa, Abuja. She is Ije Solomon. 0803 741 4392. Celebrate with me this woman who is calm, cool and collected. #PressForProgress

      1. Thank you my dear Adekunbi, I got all teary when your note was read to me via a phone call. I celebrate you also.
        Thank you also Precious onuoha for the call, I appreciate.

        1. True, I could notice the surprise and emotion-overwhelmed voice during our phone conversation. It’s my pleasure ma’am and like I said, Keep up with your good work, you never can tell who is noticing. God will announce you!

  3. If we keep pressing for progress, surely we shall get there. Kudos to you for always finding something fresh to discuss. I celebrate you, golden lady. As you celebrate other women, the world will celebrate you. #PressForProgress

  4. Beautiful! Your encouraging words is quite empowering and impactful. We all need to be celebrated and coming from one of our own, it’s absolutely delicious. You’re special, Lots of love…

  5. Words will fail me i start narating every detail, but Watching you grow as a blogger, friend & sister has always been exciting, it’s been like a journey & am glad to have you, I may not know what the future holds, but I always wish to have you around. Today I celebrate you PRECIOUS CHINWE (lady presh). You’re truly wonderful!

    1. Owwwww, am melted by these words. So, I get to be the first to be given a shout out. Am glad to have you as a friend. God is taking us higher in our careers and endeavors. I celebrate you Joe!

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