How can a lion be running away from a dog? It is a humorous scene to watch. There is something common between these two animals and that is proactiveness. Lions are known to be wild while dogs are domestic. When a lion roars, it scares both other wild animals and domestic animals. Such analysis will be for another day.

Security is seen as the state of being protected or being safe from harm. In this wise, it borders on lives, properties and assets. Security is essential for every individual, community and nation at large. However, everyone is his or her own security office. The need for proactive security system is so paramount such that it is directly proportional to the confidence of the citizenry. It is better to be on the aggressive side than to be on the defensive, where you’ll be counting losses and nursing wounds. The case of school children being abducted under the watchful eyes of the armed forces is not a good idea. The world has gone farther than that. An eagle spots a prey from a far distance and descends from a height with prompt magnitude of speed that the prey can’t get a near-miss most times.  Corrective measures could be costly and almost needless, especially when the damage is done, but preventive measures give the citizenry the deserved confidence in the armed forces and other security agents.

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Our airspace, water ways and roads cannot be occupied with ‘dogs’ which ‘allow’ loss of lives and properties while we have ‘lions’ that are trained and armed but prefer to be in their ‘den’ and be firing gunshots which often pierce the roofs of the citizens. When a lion roars, it explains that the jungle is under watch and warns the dogs to beware, either to run away from such environment, or be apprehended.

With the advent of technological devices, there should be some level of improvement and proactive measures in our security system.  Let’s even say the lions are not conversant with modern facilities, they could comb the city schools, hospitals on regular and impromptu basis.

Two Possible Proactive Measures:

1. Effective Surveillance The city should be well mapped out. Areas to be mapped out include the schools, hospitals and public service areas. They should be well fenced so as to narrow escape routes for those who threaten the security and peace of the society.

2. Quick Response

Confidence is built with response. There should be really-reliable reachable mobile lines available to the citizens provided by armed forces and an emergency response team to follow suit. In engineering, when two facilities are in place in a plant, one could be in operation, while the other is on standby. This measure could be adopted to make our security system more proactive.

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Conclusively, a proactive security system is a better option for the armed forces. This has a multiplied effect in the lives of the citizenry, reduces emigration, promotes nation building and unity, and improves the economy of the nation.

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Ogherodia Kelly Obukohwo


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