The girl-child is a beautiful, creative, intelligent, talented human being. Many great people in the world today are girls that grew up into exceptional women. But some people disregard girls and think they are just weak people; that they are just there to be married, have children and stay in the kitchen their whole life. How boring! That is not how a girl-child’s life should be viewed! She should be going to important places; she should become an important person. The girl-child should be respected because if she is not given respect, she will disrespect other people.

The girl-child should be given education. Unfortunately, in some parts of northern Nigeria, girls are not allowed to go to school. If they are given adequate education, they will become great people in life. People like Kemi Adeosun, who is the present Minister of Finance.

The girl-child, who is intelligent, should be allowed to use her intelligence. Girls who were motivated to use their intelligence in the past were and are great people. People like Elizabeth Blackwell, the first female doctor in the world. She never gave up even when people rejected her and she had to keep to herself and not have friends- she never gave up.

The girl-child is courageous. She is able to face a lot of challenges. Even when people try to discourage her, she never gives up: that is who the girl-child is.

Finally, the girl-child should be protected. She should be protected from rape, kidnapping and from people who would just want to do her harm. It is so sad to hear that girls are being kidnapped and forced into becoming people’s wives. That is not how a girl-child’s life should be! She should not be running for protection; she should not be disregarded; her education should not be limited. She should be free, free to express herself.

Written by Toluwanimi Omotoso, a girl-child

Toluwanimi Omotoso

Having been impressed and left utterly speechless by this bright young girl’s masterpiece and levelheadedness in composing such on her own, without being talked into it or even mandated. Her having to choose this over the conventional shyness and playfulness of children of nowadays amazed me. Thus, I went out of my way to interview her in order to showcase this young talent to the world:


Precious Onuoha’s Blog: Hi Tolu, how old are you?

Toluwanimi: I am 10 years old in this month of April.


Precious Onuoha’s Blog: What is your intended career path?

Toluwanimi: I want to be a lawyer.


Precious Onuoha’s Blog: Why do you want to become a lawyer?

Toluwanimi: So I can defend the helpless and make sure people always get justice.


Precious Onuoha’s Blog: Who is your mentor?

Toluwanimi: My mum.


Precious Onuoha’s Blog: What are your likes?

Toluwanimi: Writing, Reading and Baking.


Precious Onuoha’s Blog: What exactly do you write?

Toluwanimi: Stories, essays, songs and I own a diary too.


Precious Onuoha’s Blog: What kind of songs do you write and what’s your inspiration?

Toluwanimi: I write Christian songs and I get inspiration from Lara George. She is my favourite musician.


Precious Onuoha’s Blog: What kind of books do you read and why?

Toluwanimi: Novels, adventures, fiction, non-fiction and science. I have been reading since I was 4 and I read widely. I read to keep myself busy and because sometimes, I just can’t resist the books my mum buys for me.


Precious Onuoha’s Blog: What are your dislikes?

Toluwanimi: I dislike bullying and the attempt to make other people’s lives miserable.


Precious Onuoha’s Blog: Have you experienced bullying before?

Toluwanimi: No, I have not experienced it before, but I read about them and have seen them in the movies.

In short, am impressed! Maybe, I should have a Creative Writing Academy for kids. Am seriously considering it! Catching them young – that’s the idea really. Exactly how I was nurtured to keep up with my burning passion of writing right from an early age of 7.

Toluwanimi Omotoso

Let’s celebrate this young and bright champ and encourage her to do more…

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10 thoughts on “THE GIRL CHILD

  1. Beautiful! Congratulations to You and the little angel. It’s good to know she’s already set on a definitive path and I pray God’s continued wisdom for her and her family to keep stirring her in the right path. Lots of love.

  2. Aww! Tolu, I love her sound minded responses…let my would-be wife get ready o, i love me some girls😍😆😆. This is a great piece. Keep it up dear.

  3. I celebrate not only her, but also her parents, for being there to motivate her to this stage…….I see a great future ahead of her, cheers!!

    1. True…If not for the parents who gave her the opportunity and motivation, she wouldn’t have gotten here. I celebrate Engr. and Mrs. Omotoso, keep it up and parents, do learn from this please! Thank you Bryan for pointing that out.

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