Services is efficient and open to clients, individuals, firms, corporate organizations and government parastatals that are on the lookout for such services as stated below:

  • Content Development: This is starting from the Scratch to develop the subject matter and/or substance of your work. Only a thorough interview will birth all the ideas which will be needed to create quality content and Company Profile for your business, brand, services or name. With creativity and a touch of professionalism, we exceed your expectations.
  • Editing: Editing service involves a very thorough proofreading of your work to detect and correct errors in spelling, grammar and change of context, leaving it error free.
  • Content Rewriting: This is a special feature which reforms your existing work, giving it a better picture and clearer meaning. It entails giving your existing work a new look, by means of implementation of some techniques which are put in place in order to restructure your work.
  • Research driven content writing: Well-grounded research is the backbone and strong foundation to any literary work. As the name implies, research is fully employed to create quality content for your work. Relevant history/background, statistics, examples, vast information, public thoughts on any topic, are embedded here.
  • Transcribing Services: We at handle transcribing jobs perfectly. Clean verbatim, full verbatim… Our past clients can testify to our speed, accuracy, commitment to meet up with job deadlines and great jobs delivered measurable to the worth of your resources and most treasured patronage.
  • Advertisement Services: Place all kinds of your adverts at reasonable rates (events, launch, trainings, services, products, workshop, tradefair, business name) on for a far more reaching impact and wider publicity to your target audience. Our advertisement services take you closer to your clients right into their niche and prompt them for a desired patronage. Just what you need to grow!
  • Press Releases: Furnishing clients with an official written statement that is sent to the media so that it can be publicized.
  • Blog Posts: Constructive creative discrete entries for a personal journal published on the World Wide Web.
  • Content Strategy: Each literary genre has its own special way of representation. The style by which this is accomplished is the “Strategy”. Content Strategy gives your work the best form of organization and representation for the best targeted results.
  • Ghostwriting: Authoring a literary work or speech under the name of another, requested by the client.
  • Guest Posts: Service provided to write on invitation on a platform which is not mine, based on an agreed consistency level, but mentioning my name and portfolio at the bottom, with a link to my blog address.
  • Tutorials: Provision of articulated lessons on relevant topics/curriculum to be impacted to individuals, groups or corporate bodies in order to improve their efficiency and quality of delivery at workplace.
  • Biography Writing: It has not occurred to so many individuals including top CEOs, MDs, politicians, top entrepreneurs, celebrities, lifestyle coaches, secret millionaires, experts in different walks of life & endeavours and business men, to have their complete/catchy biographies written. Even if it has, they might not have the time for all the stress. We are here to hear your story through an exclusive interview, go through all the processes and have it replicated and published as a high-class BOOK/BIOGRAPHY, containing all your hurdles, background information, challenges, mistakes, moments, decision-making, efforts, achievements so far, vision and advice to your readers and the younger generation.
  • Public Speaking: I do share my inspiring life experience and well-researched motivational speech/address on a chosen/identified topic at events. Reach out to me immediately to add your event date to my schedule and calendar before the date is taken.
  • TV Presentation & Radio Broadcasting: I am available to feature in, anchor or be interviewed in any well-meaning program on TV or Radio.
  • Social Media Hype: The social media is a present-day tool which can be used to reach and consult the opinions of a growing population of the world who are active and have functional accounts on several of its platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc. Unknown to some, social media has the capability to sell your business to the right audience and give your brand a positive face hype. Contract us to get it done. Your brand deserves it.
  • Lifestyle Coaching & Business Mentorship: I am personally available to train, mentor and coach clients in considering important necessary factors while choosing the right business opportunities and shaping their personal morals and lifestyle geared towards personal development, good living, skills optimization and success.
  • Web Development: If you have an existing or upcoming business/brand, for sure, you need an elevated efficient image – A WEBSITE, which is mobile-friendly and enviably-designed with relatively less or no technical issues at all, to speak volumes to your clients and visitors. We are going to help you build a fully hosted digital marketing and sales platform that includes a nice user experience front-end, content-driven website, using a very good content management system, with the capability for your business to trend competitively and succeed. You’ll never have to waste valuable time with plug-ins, complicated code, hosting, maintenance, or upgrades. We also offer affordable and high quality Software development, I.T corporate training, bulk SMS and ICT consultancy services.
  • Online Streaming Services: It’s more memorable to have your events, meetings, programs, parties and occasions of all sorts, streamed online without network hindrance. Trust me, you need them in your custody… Your wedding day, your first speech ever, your business/book launch, that long expected party… Clear pictures, good video visibility, perfect sound, noise filtered. Bring back good old memories. Let’s handle the stress on your behalf. Contact us right away to cover that event for you!
  • General Literary Consultancy Services: These are overseeing or supervisory functions to ensure everything is in place, neatly and well packaged before being pushed out to your audience. This service is most essential because you need professionals to dot the I’s and cross the T’s to avoid avoidable regrets later. A trial will convince you. Attract more and more clients which your brand deserves. Good work speaks for itself. We are here for you!


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